Glastonbury Festival Hospitality Accommodation

The call of the Mediterranean is always very appealing, but there are parts of the UK which can deliver when it comes to holidaying by the coast or in the countryside. Somerset is one of them. You can’t guarantee the weather, but you can guarantee the stunning views, quaint pubs and countless eateries to enjoy.

Somerset comes into its own in the spring and summer, and many from the UK flock to its shores for a little sea time, walking in this most rural of counties, and other things. Whether you’re a fan of cheddar cheese and cider or simply want to steal away for a walking holiday somewhere, Somerset is the place.

Manor Farm Glastonbury is the ideal spot to stay if you’re paying Somerset a visit. Located near Glastonbury, not far from the Glastonbury Festival ground, we offer comfortable, spacious and private accommodation.

Did you miss out on your ticket for Glastonbury Festival 2016? There’s always next year, and you’re always welcome to stay at Manor Farm. We also offer official Glastonbury Festival hospitality tickets (at face value) with the accommodation at Manor Farm.

If you’re looking for rest, relaxation and a little fun on your holiday then we’ve got the perfect place for you.

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