Bath & West Show Accommodation

White sandy beaches, gourmet food and tasty local produce, gloriously green rural landscapes as far as the eye can see, heritage landmarks aplenty, and on a good day, clement weather. This isn’t a trip to the shores of the Mediterranean. It’s a visit to Somerset. Somerset is known for its cider, cheddar cheese, lush rural landscapes and coastal regions.

The range of accommodation on offer is also rather impressive. Somerset has always been a pull for holidaymakers across the UK and abroad. You don’t always feel like going abroad, and why should you? There are many beautiful parts of the UK to explore, and Somerset is undoubtedly one of them, and it’s a place which appeals to all generations.

Looking for accommodation in Somerset? The Bath & West show takes place only a short distance from Manor Farm Glastonbury. At Manor Farm Glastonbury we’ve got a Bothy and we’ve got a Cottage, among other accommodation options, all of which are ideal for those attending Bath & West show events.

If you want a comfortable place to stay then our accommodation is spacious, cosy, comfortable, private and in a convenient location.

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