Planning your Glastonbury Festival Weekend – 5 Things To Remember.

This year our accommodation for the Glastonbury Festival 2014 were snapped up in what seems no time at all. If you were one of the lucky ones to get a space with us or you are camping onsite at the Glastonbury then no doubt you are already starting to get excited, we certainly are!

With the above in mind, we have decided to create a ‘planning your Glastonbury Festival weekend – 5 things to remember‘ checklist, which are as follows –

  • Pack appropriate clothing – This comes in first as although Glastonbury Festival takes place in the summer, the weather can be somewhat unpredictable. We certainly advise taking some wellies and/or hike boots. After all, the festival takes place in a large field which can be extremely difficult to walk over if the weather turns for the worst.
  • Take a torch – At night, once away from the main festival lights, it can be extremely difficult to navigate back to your tent or to your accommodation here at Manor Farm if you don’t have a torch due to low level lighting readily available.
  • Sun Cream – Don’t forget your sun cream! As mentioned above, with the weather being unpredictable in the UK, whilst it might rain, it’s just as likely we will have a heat wave over Glastonbury Festival. You won’t need us to remind you how hot the entire summer of 2013 was. You don’t want to be uncomfortably burnt on your first day, so get that sun cream on straight away!
  • Buy a cheap mobile phone – Although you may want to take your high end mobile with you, there is a high risk it might go missing. We advise to take an old, cheap mobile just for the event so you can keep in contact with your friends you are going with, but if you lose it, it won’t ruin your Glastonbury Festival experience.
  • Research – Our last point is to research and find out when your favourite bands are playing. That way, you can get to the right stage with a enough time to grab a great spot.

We hope you have found the above 5 tips helpful! If this is the first time you are going to Glastonbury Festival then take it from us, you will love it!

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