Holiday Cottage in Glastonbury

January blues getting you down? We know a way of making yourself feel better and that’s treating yourself to a rural break somewhere beautiful such as where we’re based here in Glastonbury.

We have comfortable accommodation waiting for you within our cottage for your stay and although we do get booked up quickly, if you can book far enough in advance to when you wish to have a break then we are confident we will be able to accommodate you. The only time of year we urge caution is Festival season when the likes of Glastonbury Festival kick off as we are extremely busy over that time.

If you have never visited Somerset before then you are in for a treat, it’s a beautiful part of the world and we feel truly blessed to live in such a wonderful part of the country.


Once you are settled into our cottage you are of course free to come and go as you wish. However, if you want any tips on the best places to visit then Matthew and Bug and will be more than happy to help you.

If you would like to book today or you simply want to enquire about prices to stay with us please contact Matthew or Bug on 01749 890 603. If you prefer, you can email Matthew at

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