Holiday Accommodation in Somerset

Whilst the thought of visiting the Mediterranean is appealing, there are parts of the UK which people often forget to experience, and Somerset is certainly one of them. You can’t guarantee the weather, but you can guarantee stunning views, quaint pubs and numerous eateries to enjoy. For the best holiday accommodation in Somerset, look to Manor Farm Glastonbury today.

Somerset is ideal for those who love being active, whether it be cycling or hiking. What’s more, is that it also caters well for those who like to take things slowly on holiday. With its spectacular green countryside, and exceptional wildlife, you’ll be sure to have plenty to see and do.

Here at Manor Farm Glastonbury, we’re nestled away in the beautiful Somerset countryside close by to where the Glastonbury Festival takes place. We provide an intimate, unique venue for a small number of guests, and we’re sure that you won’t find a better or more comfortable accommodation in Somerset.

Easily accessible by road, our accommodation will provide an excellent base from which you can explore Somerset and enjoy a wonderful holiday. To book your holiday now, visit our website today or get in touch on 01749 890603.

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