Holiday Accommodation In Somerset

There is some excellent accommodation in Somerset. Whether you prefer to be situated in the centre of a small town or in the depths of the countryside, there’s something for everyone.

Somerset is one of the preferred destinations for those seeking the sea, the coast, the rolling hills, and a change of scene. The rurality of Somerset draws many walkers to the region, while its cider-making traditions and rich history make it the ideal place for those in search of something a bit different.

If you’re hoping to pay Somerset a visit then the first thing is to sort out which part of Somerset you’d like to see and what type of holiday accommodation you’re looking for. If you’re keen to see the lush-green countryside and glimpse a site of centres such as Wells and Glastonbury then Manor Farm Glastonbury can provide the accommodation you need. The accommodation we offer is situated in an idyllic part of Somerset, with much to see and explore on the doorstep.

You might be wanting a relaxing holiday by the sea or perhaps you’re planning to walk and hike, but whatever your holiday, Manor Farm Glastonbury can provide the ideal accommodation. In Somerset you can enjoy a slower pace of life, stunning scenery and endless things to do.

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