Glastonbury Festival Hospitality Tickets & Accommodation

If you are a true Glastonbury Festival follower you undoubtedly don’t think of many other events throughout the year as much as you do for this fantastic music festival. We love it here at Manor Farm. We love the atmosphere Glastonbury Festivals brings to Somerset and like you, we look forward to it all year round.

We’re pleased to say that like this year, for 2014 we will be able to provide Glastonbury Festival Hospitality tickets & accommodation. Our Suitehuts were extremely popular this year and they will also be making a re-appearance for 2014, along with some other unique types of accommodation, which we will leave unveiled until a bit closer to the event.

We would also like to mention that if you can’t wait until 2014 to visit the beautiful surroundings that Somerset has to offer, then you can book with us for a short break whenever you wish. You will always find a warm and friendly welcome from Matthew and Bug whenever you visit us.

For more information, or to book today, please call Matthew on 01749 890 603, or email him on and he will reply to you.

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