Glastonbury Festival Hospitality Packages

*READ ALL ABOUT IT* The Manor Farm Glastonbury has one Suitehut available for Glastonbury Festival 2015. If you have read our previous articles you may feel confused as we stated that all of our Suitehuts have been booked out. However, due to a cancellation, one has become available. Although please note that this Suitehut is only available if you already have a Glastonbury Festival Hospitality Ticket.

If you are attending Glastonbury Festival this year but you’re not keen on the thought of staying in a tent for a couple of days, then our Suitehut is the perfect option. All of our Suitehuts come with a comfortable bed, ensuite facilities which includes a shower and toilet and you will also get extras such as a TV and DVD player. You will also be in close proximity to other festival goers so it is sure to be a fantastic atmosphere like it is here every year the Glastonbury Festival arrives.

For more information or if you would like to book your place with us today then please call us on 01749 890 603 or 07532 268 226. Please don’t delay if you are interested as this final Suitehut is sure to be snapped up soon.

Please read our previous article: Comfortable Glastonbury Festival Accommodation.

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