Glastonbury Festival Camping Packages

Glastonbury Festival is one of the world’s biggest live music events. The 2016 event is almost upon us, but are you keen to visit the event next year?

Festival goers and music revellers never know whether they’re in for a mud bath or gloriously sunny weather at Glastonbury, but if you’re making the trip next year then you’ll probably want somewhere to stay after all the partying is over.

Manor Farm Glastonbury is located within easy reach of the Glastonbury Festival site (a ten minute walk away), so anyone heading down to Somerset for a little live music will find comfortable, friendly and accessible accommodation with us. Each year, we provide accommodation to Glastonbury Festivalgoers. At Manor Farm you have the choice whether to be in the house or garden.

Our Suitehuts are available, and prove a popular option especially in the summer, and we have a cottage (sleeps four) and a converted barn or bothy (sleeps two). We also offer official Glastonbury Festival hospitality tickets (at face value) with the accommodation at Manor Farm and camping packages. Are you keen to find out more?

Glastonbury Festival 2017 might seem a long way off yet, but if you want to find a great place to stay afterwards then look no further than Manor Farm Glastonbury.

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