Glastonbury Festival Accommodation

If like many, you’re looking to attend Glastonbury festival this year, then you’ll no doubt want to arrange suitable accommodation. Whist you have the option to camp over the weekend, it’s safe to say that Glastonbury festival is renowned for its muddy fields and rainy days. For Glastonbury festival accommodation that will leave you feeling comfortable, dry and warm, look to Manor Farm Glastonbury today.

Whether it’s your first time attending the popular festival or you’re an annual attendee, accommodation can either make or break the experience. If you’ve camped at a festival before, you’ll know that camping can be noisy, muddy, crowded and cramped. Whilst it can add to the overall experience, it can often leave people feeling drained, tired and exhausted. If you’re looking to avoid this, then we have the perfect accommodation for you.

Our suitehuts will give you the perfect mix of the festival experience in a comfort, intimate and unique setting. All suitehuts come with a double or twin bed, loo and shower, meaning you can be as fresh as a daisy and well rested each morning!

Availability goes fast, so book today by calling us on 01749 890603 or drop us an email at

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