Glastonbury Festival Accommodation

Are you planning on attending Glastonbury Festival in 2016? Wish to enjoy a heightened level of comfort? If so, why not register your interest with Manor Farm today? Manor Farm are able to provide an intimate, comfortable and unique venue for Festival guests. Visitors can either stay in the building itself or in the spacious garden. Why not get in touch with Manor Farm today to find out more about their Suitehuts, cottage and converted barn? The accommodation has been met with glowing reviews from past festival-goers. Choose Manor Farm and you’ll be able to enjoy epic views and the kind of comfort and luxury you just won’t get if you stay on-site.

A Tearless Glastonbury

The Bothy is a single-story barn located on Manor Farm which is available on a self-catering basis or with a free breakfast supplied. The service offered by Manor Farm has been described as “Glastonbury without tears”. Nonetheless, Manor Farm is located just ten minutes’ walk away from the site. Leaving Manor Farm is a relatively easy process thanks to the special directions you’ll be given by the team. Why not get in touch with them today to find out more? Alternatively, you can head to the home page.

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