Get Ready for Glastonbury Festival 2014

Well, Glastonbury 2013 was a complete success! Fun was had by all and our accommodation for the festival was fully booked throughout! Even though the next one is sometime away for now, we still have to get ready for Glastonbury Festival 2014, as time seems to fly by!

Did you miss out, or were you unable to attend Glastonbury Festival this year? Did you attend this year and you would love to go again in 2014, but perhaps find more comfortable accommodation than camping? If so, then you will be pleased with the Suitehuts we have available each year. We also ensure that we have Hospitality tickets to go along with the accommodation, so if you book early, you don’t have to worry about missing out.

If you haven’t stayed with us before, or in fact you haven’t heard of us, then you will be pleasantly surprised at where we are situated. We are perfectly located for you to get to and from Glastonbury Festival quickly. With us, you can re-charge your batteries overnight to enjoy the next day of festival fun!

For more information on how to book your accommodation with us for Glastonbury Festival 2014, please call Matthew at the Manor Farm on 01749 890 603. He will be more than happy to assist you further.

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