Find Glastonbury Festival Accommodation

The vast majority of Glastonbury Festival-goers spend their nights under canvas in a camping field, but why be cold and uncomfortable if you don’t have to? There has been an increasing demand for off-site accommodation when attending a multi-day festival, and let’s face it, if you can get a good night’s sleep then you’re more likely to enjoy the day’s revelries. Manor Farm Glastonbury can provide the solution with our off-site comfortable accommodation.

Have you got tickets to the Glastonbury Festival? Are you looking for nearby accommodation? Manor Farm Glastonbury has everything you need, with multiple options available. Located very close to the Glastonbury Festival grounds, we’re perfectly placed to provide you with accommodation. Not only does our site provide peace and quiet but our accommodation is cosy and comfortable, with stunning views over the Somerset Levels. Our site is easily accessible and offers opportunity to visit many of the county’s surrounding areas, including Wells.

If you’re planning a visit to Somerset or the Glastonbury Festival then Manor Farm Glastonbury can provide the accommodation for your overnight stay.

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