B&B in Somerset

A getaway to Somerset will offer many opportunities. You can head to the coast, the caves, the Levels or the countryside, experiencing a little of what Somerset has to offer. Somerset plays host to spectacular stately homes and stunning architecture, such as in evidence in Bath and Wells. From its farming traditions to its renown for cheese-making and cider production, Somerset retains the best of its historical roots.

Are you planning a trip to Somerset? Somerset is all about real country living, and you can enjoy some great holidays to this county. If you are planning to pay Somerset a visit, then why not break your stay at Manor Farm Glastonbury?

We’re well-situated if you want to explore more of Somerset, while the farm sits amid glorious countryside. So if you simply want to relax and enjoy the odd walk, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer a variety of accommodation options. This includes the Bothy, which is ideal for light meals and has a B&B letting unit, and the Cottage, which is fully-equipped with everything you could need to make your own meals.

When in Somerset, stay at Manor Farm Glastonbury.

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