Bath & West Showground Accommodation

Are you searching around for Bath & West showground accommodation?

Whether you’ve visited the Bath & West showground before or it’s your first time, it’s safe to say that you’ll have a fantastic time. No matter the show you’re attending, thousands flock to it every year, giving its visitors memories to last a lifetime. If you’re looking to attend a show this year, it’s important to have suitable accommodation booked beforehand.

Here at Manor Farm Glastonbury, we are situated near the showground, meaning you won’t have to travel far. Choosing to stay with us means you’ll be able to enjoy the event, all the while knowing you have a comfortable place to stay close by.

We make sure our guests feel at ease and you’re always welcome to come and go as you please. Our friendly team here are always on hand to help, and offer a vast knowledge of the local area, meaning we can advise on the best places to eat, drink and visit.

To book a room with us, call us today on 01749 890 603 or 07532 268 226, or drop us an email at

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