Bath & West Show Luxury Camping

Will you be attending the Bath & West show next summer? Perhaps you have plans to give the world-famous Glastonbury Festival a try? Either way, if you’re paying Somerset a visit then you’ll need somewhere great to stay, and where better than Manor Farm Glastonbury?

‘Glamping’ is a term that’s still unfamiliar to many, but the practice of ‘glamping’ is now more popular than ever. Translated as luxury or ‘glamorous’ camping, it offers a happy compromise for those who want to sleep closer to nature but still want to enjoy someone of the little luxuries that we’re used to. Everything from yurts to shepherd’s huts and tree houses have been used for luxury camping, and you can expect something equally quirky and pleasing if you stay at Manor Farm Glastonbury. Our Suitehuts are ideal if you’re looking for smart and comfortable hospitality camping. Each comes equipped with a shower, a loo, a proper bed, and basin. When in Somerset, what more could you need?

Manor Farm Glastonbury is situated near to the Royal Bath & West Show showground, and is also ideal for Glastonbury Festival goers. Are you ready to give luxury camping a go?

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