Accommodation at Manor Farm

We imagine that if you are looking to book a stay with us, then the first thought that goes through your mind is what can you expect from your stay? Well, from previous feedback received, we’re pleased to report than you will find the accommodation at Manor Farm comfortable in peaceful surroundings with a friendly team to assist you should you need us.

Matthew and Bug McKaig are the proud owners of Manor Farm and will make sure that whilst you will have everything you require for an enjoyable stay, you can also be left to your own devices to come and go as you please. After all, it’s your holiday! However, if you need any guidance on the best places to visit, or how to make the most of your stay in Somerset, then they will be pleased to share their experiences with you. In essence, we want to make sure that you love your stay at Manor Farm!

Along with offering comfortable accommodation and a relaxing stay, we are also perfectly situated for lovers of country walks, through to people seeking a bit of retail therapy, there truly is something for everyone!

To book today, please contact Matthew on 01749 890 603. If you prefer, you can email him on

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