Soul Survivor Accommodation

Whether you are looking for Glastonbury Festival, or Soul Survivor accommodation, one thing is for certain and that’s you’ve come to the right place. We aren’t your standard B&B and short stay provider. We offer accommodation with a real difference. This has been known to include a double decker bus and in particular this year, our Suitehuts have proven to be extremely popular.

Along with our unique accommodation, we also have The Cottage! A comfortable and cosy space available for your stay. From July of this year you can even rent this accommodation.

We absolutely love where we are based and as mentioned we are perfectly situated for a range of events and festivals that happen throughout the year. Our friendly team will welcome you with open arms and we’re more than confident that you’ll enjoy your stay with us.

Please contact Matthew on 01749 890 603 if you have any questions with regards to the accommodation we offer, or you would like to book. Don’t forget, we still have a couple of Suitehuts available for Glastonbury Festival along with Hospitality tickets, so don’t delay!

For more information on what we offer please read our previous article : Quality Bath & West Showground Accommodation

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